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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Sorry to disappoint, I'm German and I don't enjoy watching porn very much.
Maybe you just haven't found your niche.
We.should get together and cover every genre just to be sure.

Adults are idiots, with the David Duke thing. I thought about this as I listened to the previous episode yesterday but I'm able to comment today.
Spin this shit to work in your favor!

Watch this:
Bullshit news anchor: "do you support David Duke's endorsement?"
What should be Trump's reply if he were smart: "Look. It takes all types. That's what makes America great. We are our own subculture founded on a broad range of diversity and that's where we draw our greatest strength from: unity in spite of our diversity.
I don't condone the actions of the KKK but I WILL NOT refuse to acknowledge another American's right. The moment we don't consider an individual's vote important it sets a precedent."

Or some bullshit like that. Alluding to Chemda saying, and I paraphrase, "just say you want their vote".
Saying some bullshit, like above, will get the vote while distancing himself from the KKK.

Please don't misread me. I vote for anarchy. I hope both sides lose.
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