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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were required in Australia a couple of weeks ago to attend a court hearing in relation to the dogs Pistol and Boo - whom Heard failed to declare when she flew into Australia last year when Depp was filming another Pirates movie on the Gold Coast.

Their jet landed at an international airport but she didn't declare the dogs, in contravention of Australia's strict bio-security and quarantine laws.

While the whole court case was, essentially a show piece, Heard could have been fined several 10s of thousands of dollars and been jailed for upto 10 years (like that was ever gonna fucken happen).

Our Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce (look him up, he's a redneck), wanted to look all tough and take no prisoners, but he's a dickhead and he made himself look stupid.

Depp and Heard flew out of Australia pretty quickly...likely never to return.

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