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Originally Posted by Rosa View Post

An experimental monthly show could allow him to branch out comedically AND still give us his bread and butter with K&C every other week of the month. I hope most of you feel the same.

I thought it was funny that he decided to do the shaneís dad bit at all after the mixed feedback. That commitment was fucking ballsy.
Danny, the boy who lives and dies by the approval of others, did something he knew some folks would not like, because he believed it was important to his comedic development and he believed in himself and the form enough to walk that plank.

If you thought this episode meant danny is in a bad place, you just didnít get what heís trying to do (thatís okay, we are in new territory!). So to set the record straight, it means he finally has the strength and confidence to strike out on his own.

But it will get better and it will be funny, it is Danny after all.
Well this clarifies a lot.

Danny, Apologies for what I said earlier in the thread and misunderstanding.

After I saw your "12 beers comment" , plus the tone at the end of the show and how you looked in the video, I just thought you seemed down. Maybe I was projecting? sorry man, I know it feels belittling when that happens.

With regards to the Shane's dad bit, I liked it the first time it was done but hated it when it came up after then. I didn't post on the forums those times but as a fan it does feel like "Danny is better than this bit, why does he keep riding it into the ground over and over again?"
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