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Kerryn is an unlikeable asshole.

Such egomaniacal bullshit! This was some of the most cringe-worthy podcasting I've ever witnessed. It was obvious from the seat squirming and long silences that Myka and Chemda were not on board with what their girl Kerryn was trying to whip up as some sort of legitimate stance to excuse her distorted, shitty response to an innocent FB reply. This was nothing more than some vile, high school bullying where Kerryn's the loudest asshole and Myka and Chemda know she's in the wrong, but don't really call her out and shut her shit show down. I appreciate you, Chemda, for trying to steer this ship into reasonable waters, but you know that was some fucked up bullshit she was spewing.

And Kerryn trying to excuse her bratty, dismissive behavior by wrapping herself in the feminist flag was really sickening. "What? Just because we're two women, we can't argue? That makes you uncomfortable?" No. Degrading and insulting a woman publicly over NOTHING. That makes me uncomfortable.

As to what's EMBARRASSING? Embarrassing is being in your 30's and so insecure about how others perceive you that you would attempt to humiliate and throw away a friendship over some petty Facebook nonsense. Worrying that people will judge YOU based on what SOMEONE ELSE posts on your Facebook wall? THAT is embarrassing. Newsflash: Nobody cares what someone else writes on your wall. We're all too wrapped up in our own shit.

I really felt for Chrissie who sounded legitimately hurt and sad and confused.
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