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Originally Posted by Electric Squirrel View Post
If she read the article she would have known who it was
Chrissie did know who it was.

Look, I hate when people post on social media without thinking. There are so many idiots out there, and it's worse when a friend does it. But sometimes it's harmless. If Anna seemingly doesn't give a shit about it, it's probably not important in the grand scheme of things and shouldn't ruin a friendship. I think it was important for Chrissie to bring up the fact that she was there for Kerryn when she was blackout drunk, because that's something that's very significant and not trivial to a lot of people, like this Facebook issue. Also, there HAS to be ditzy stuff that Kerryn does that would annoy the shit out of others. Everyone does.

Obviously there's more going on, but it's up to each person to give the audience sufficient information. Otherwise, we're going by what we're hearing. No one has to be friends with someone if they don't want to be, and it depends on what your values are and what bothers you.

Overall it was an interesting show, with four people I like.

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