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My fiance talked about us getting married for over two years before he asked and I always half jokingly told him, "you know this doesn't count as a birthday or xmas present right?" to dissuade him from asking on a holiday. I don't think it's really materialistic, because I don't even really give that much of a shit about the ring (or about getting a band to add to it when we get married) but, Chemda's right. It's more about the day (me vs us). Xmas is important to me (for nonreligious reasons) so to make it about being engaged would take all the xmas fun out of it.

The Type A in me looooves planning this wedding. But by no means should that be taken as having a "big american wedding". It's 35 people and my dress cost $90. I'd rather run literal mushy shit through my fingers than spend 10k on a day and not a downpayment for a house.
"Uh, that'll be $14 for the tickets for the babies."
"Oh no, no, no, they're just gonna cry. Just gonna come in here and weep."

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