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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Does anybody get out of it as low as $10K these days? One of my cousins and her husband spent over $100K and that was 15 years ago! (That was a super fun party, but I'm sure glad I didn't have to pay for it)

WORD. Jewelry stores are a scam in general, usually 100% markup on everything in the store. I've heard it's as high as 300% for engagement rings.
Our budget is 3-4k to ensure everyone gets good food and great booze. We'll see if I hit it. We're not having a photographer or flowers or a bridal party so here's hoping.

Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I get rite of passage. But it was so much more passage for me to buy a house, having dogs and then children. This was a huge change compared to getting good married.
Getting our dogs was, for me, like okay, we are a family now. I remember over a year after my bf moved in with me I went on his phone plan and he was like "omg, this is a big deal!" So, you know, different strokes.

Oh, and my sister married her bf of over ten years at city hall with only my mom as witness solely because they're trying to adopt and it'd be easier that way and my brother married his wife by calling her up during lunch, asking, going to city hall, having tacos, and then going back to their respective jobs. I'm the baby, the problem child with tattoos and odd hair and I'm going the most traditional out of all of us!
"Uh, that'll be $14 for the tickets for the babies."
"Oh no, no, no, they're just gonna cry. Just gonna come in here and weep."

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