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How to make open relationships "fair"

Love your show BroLo.

I’ve heard this “unfair” issue so many times for open relationships where one side is not getting as many dates as the other. There really is a simple solution for this problem: TAKE TURNS!

The couple rolls dice or flips a coin to see who goes first. The winner gets to have a date outside the relationship and the second goes out with friends for a no-sex evening. Then, the second gets their turn and the first has to go out with friends for a no-sex evening.

Rinse and repeat. Maybe put a time limit per turn of 2-3 months just in case one partner isn’t so into it. Or, if one side has a “sure thing” lined up, then the other can try to hook up on the same night while out with friends and use their turn on the same night. If the one out with friends strikes out, then it’s still his/her turn.
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