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Keith, you would've really despised my mother-in-law's food hoarding habits.

The standalone freezer in her garage had about 4 to 5 jugs of frozen milk that were 6 months past their expiration dates, meats/veggies that were 2-3 years old, months old bread, and, my personal favorite, deer meat from the late 80s/early 90s.

The freezer wouldn't be checked before going to the grocery store most of the time, so all of that food just sat there while even more food was brought into the house. That is, until I took it upon myself and started pulling shit out of that freezer and putting it all into garbage bags. She ended up digging through the garbage bags and pulled things out that "weren't that bad" or "not too far off from its expiration date."

It was even more frustrating because she was battling cancer at the time and I didn't see how 3 year old freezer burned chicken breasts would help her (or any of us) in any way.

The fridge in the house wasn't immune from this type of neglect, either. I can't count how many times I pulled out condiments just to see they were a year or two past the expiration dates, forgotten/moldy leftovers, and dangerously soft fruits/veggies.

Even though she had terrible food hoarding habits, she was a fantastic and lovely woman that is dearly missed.
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