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Too far

Damn. In mid show, outside catching Pokemon, and Keith starts going on about maybe it's good that he's dead?

I know it's tradition around here for when someone that's a long time listener gets upset about One thing and not one of the myriad of fucked up things said on this show, but I swear if I could send the fire in my veins through the computer to Keith so he can feels what it feels like to have someone so flippantly belittle what's happening- I'm fucking shaking right now.

Too soon. It will always be too soon. Save Keith's Justice for some other bullshit stuff. You can get SO MAD about Michael asking if you labeled some wires for the computer, but "Kinda good he's dead, right?" Fuck, the whole fuck off. This is show ending talk right here. I'd stop being friends with someone right now for saying this. Fucking white male mouths never know when to stop.

The cops didn't show up to the shop that he was selling CDs outside of with his police record and say "All these things you did, up deserve to die! Here's some bullets in the back".

Also thanks for the shout out, my show was the fastest-selling show in a the last year at the venue. 43/49 pieces sold.
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