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Originally Posted by zappbrannigan View Post
Michael, c'mon. You're going to bury your head in your Eggs Benny because someone stood in front of a door?
That's kind of the heart of my disagreement with the tactics used. Blocking someone's exit doesn't make them receptive to what you have to say. It's more likely to confirm stereotypes and misconceptions than to make them open to new ideas and information.

You think blocking the front door is meaningless. I think there's a strong implication there. I have no doubt that Elsa and fellow Black Brunch participants would not harm anyone looking to leave. That is because I know Elsa and her intentions. Others don't. Imagine what it would be like to have a group of strangers barge into your restaurant and block your exit.

If you didn't mean to imply that I couldn't leave then you won't stand in front of the door.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia had a great scene about "implication". Elsa would not hurt anyone in the restaurant but she is intentionally giving them the implication that they can't leave.

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