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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
I think that maybe part of the point of the perceived threat is to make others feel a possible smidgeon of what people of color feel on a daily basis when encountering authority figures-except the white patrons are lucky that the protesters don't mean them harm and they luck out...much more than people of color.
It's funny that there's a disagreement about a perceived threat. On the show, I was mocked about being scared of someone holding a sign.

To your point, if that was actually their goals, I would still disagree with those tactics. I think it would just play into stereotypes and misconceptions.

Originally Posted by littlp View Post
Michael's argument about why blocking the road was concern about the road being blocked is it preventing actual emergency vehicles to get to where they need to go. That kind of hold up could cause people to die and I'm not ok with that on either side of the argument.
Yes, that's even worse. Why expose yourself to this liability for negative press?

Originally Posted by littlp View Post
I felt like Elsa shut down at one point due to feeling like she was constantly being interrupted...this could just be my perception.
You're not the only one who said this which is strange to me. Before hearing this, I thought we equally jumped in on each other's conversation but I accept this criticism. [/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by littlp View Post
It seems like the only way things get done/changed is through anger and protesting. Campaign zero has an excellent strategy laid out with actual policies they want to see in place and examples of it working.

I applaud Michael for asking about specifics as to what Chemda and Elsa are looking for in terms of changes. We need specific, measurable goals. Campaign zero does an excellent job in laying it out clearly.
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