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Instantly in my top three favorite VIP shows

Great job, Libby! You thought the show went long, but it honestly didn't feel long enough. You and Danny always have great chemistry, and it definitely came through on your first episode. The format is super interesting. I love the behind the scenes stuff. You've always been among the most naturally funny and charismatic of the KATG family, so it was great to hear you closer to the microphone, instead of hidden in the cheap seats (though it sounds like a lot of hilarious things happen back there). And, of course, the laugh is even better when it's front and center. I knew this would be one of my fave shows even before I heard it, and I was not disappointed. So happy to see it in my feed yesterday. It was a welcome companion to the ride home from my job in Dullsville, USA. I'll be looking forward to your new eps every week. Thank you!

Catch ya leavin', Even Stevens!
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