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This show was so much fun to be on! I love Marcia and am a huge fan of the new show and everything she's doing to crush men.

I could talk for hours about sexism in science (and life), the issues we touched on are really just the tip of the iceberg. I promise this isn't the last you'll hear about this on the network...

For those of you who want the full story on how Rosalind Franklin got fucked in the race to discover the structure of DNA, here it is: Sexism and Stolen Evidence: The Story Behind the Discovery of DNA's Double Helix - Modern Notion

Like I said on the show, Watson was a known womanizer who got away with a lot of bullshit in his career. when I mentioned he was forced to retire a few years ago... I meant to say resign from his post at Cold Spring Harbor after some blatantly racist comments:
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