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Wrap Up My Heart! Am I right?

I don't know what's better: Having my feedback read by Danny on his show, having Keith stereo-read my feedback with Danny, their reading being used as a promo for Danny's show -- or learning that it was used as Danny's promo via Libby's show. Is that technically meta?

BTW, "That's So Meta" is a good idea for a new segment. There seems to be a meta moment on every show, so let's segment that shit!

Here's something I've discovered about Libby's show: It's great to watch on a ride home from anywhere. Try it. Yesterday I drove home late-night, soothed by the flickering glow of Libby and Danny on my phone, which was propped atop my steering wheel (covering my speedometer, but fuck you). The point is, the Wrap It Up show is a really awesome driving buddy. I had a joyous, laughy trip. So thanks.

Libby, I love you. Have I told you that? Another great show in the can (in a good way).

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