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Another Goddamn Aces Show

I need to take out a notebook before I start your show so I can mark down all the things that make me laugh. I try to remember them in my head so I can say specifically what I loved about the current show, but then I laugh so many times I lose track. Hey, here are some:

* The Fabuloso cleaner in the seltzer aisle. "What's this delicious-looking blue thing? It's cleaning fluid. It took me a swig and a half to figure it out."

* The classic big Peanuts book story, "So here's what I do -- I lose a tooth."

* "Check your privilege, Charlie Brown. It's the great, white struggle Charlie Brown."

Oh, oh, oh and -- "Suckin' dick up and down the avenue." That was a literal LOL. An instant classic.

Watching on video is a real bonus, because Keith's, Chemda's and Libby's faces, while you're telling your stories, are priceless.

I goddamn love you, Danny!!

Libb Free or Die
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