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For the record, I recorded my pilot episode before I heard the first episode of wrap it up (it was recorded around the same time). And when I did hear that first ep, I immediately got anxious that Libby would think I appropriated her segment MO (Danny assured me it would not be a problem). In science we call this 'getting scooped' (not to be confused with ''a scoop'). All I can say is this: GREAT MINDS my friends, great minds. (and bum ears).

... I am curious, if my ep was recorded after Libby's, why did Danny and Chemda not crack any jokes about this potential faux pas? Esp given how Libby's segment style became an instant running gag... Hm??

Libby, I love your show and I can't wait to have you as a guest on mine. I leafed through a book today titled "why we snap", a text all about our rage circuits, and thought of you (shout out!). We can do a segment about it.
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