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Wow. What a touching and emotional episode!

The whole KATG family never ceases to amaze me.

I'm an alcoholic. I haven't had a drink in two and a half years. I'm lucky I stopped before I hurt myself or anyone else too badly. It really sucks having this disease, but it's so much better on the sober side, even if it seems a little boring at times.

I don't miss the drinking so much, but -- and this is weird and took me a long time to realize -- I sort of miss having the dark, lonely secret. I think other alcoholics might understand what I mean. It's kind of like Dexter's Dark Passenger, only I never hacked anyone to bits, honest.

Chemda, Hennessy, Keith, Libby, Danny and Rosa -- you honestly feel like family to me. I really love, worry and care about you guys, even though I know you can all take care of yourselves just fine.

Anyhoo .. so that's MY downer feedback!
"May the bridges you burn light the way."

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