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Thank you so much for listening to my story!
I agree that Libby is amazing!
I really appreciate the love that you listen with and the encouragement that you show me.
I have since talked to Michael about my parents. It came up in the hospital and we talked about what and how to say things to our parents in the future. More on that soon.
I appreciate the mommy offers. Thank you! It's super sweet. I do think friends can and do act as mommies in certain circumstances.

I remember one time I got nervous and told Hennessy that I was afraid that I was mommying him about something and he said that throughout our lives we will play different roles to each other. Sometimes they will be parental. And that's not bad because we would be giving each other what we need for the moment. And that it doesn't have to be a permanent part we play but rather be part of the varying positions that we will take on as partners.
That gave me more fluidity with him. It allowed me to not feel weird, stuck, or negative about what we need from each other and how we choose to love each other in different scenarios.

It has helped our relationship get deeper and allows us to give each other what we need and not feel worried about being stuck as one official role throughout our lives.
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