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The Case of Wrap It Up v. Dr. Rosa

As Wrap It Up's premier Phillips Head (nice try, Apia), let me first say that Libby, Danny and Rosa together on the same episode equal pure, sweet comedy gold. It's amazing how fast Rosa has wormed her way (Sorry Rosa, trigger warning) into my heart so quickly after appearing on the KATG scene. I feel like we’re true buds, especially after that time she helped me argue politics on Facebook with some dummy-dumb (ex) friends of mine. Anyway, this was a really solid and hilarious episode, so thank you, L, D and R.

Now to the business at hand: Segment-Gate.

On this, the latest episode of Wrap It Up with Libby Phillips (pause for swoon), a sleepy and gin-sodden Rosa looked me directly in the eye, Mike Pence-style, and asked me to clear up some possible controversies regarding the concept of show segments. Did Rosa appropriate Libby’s idea of dividing her show into segments, and further, did Rosa knowingly usurp Libby’s intent to have “the most segments in the game,” and further-further, did Libby publicly “throw shade” upon Rosa for doing so?

I’ve taken the challenge to heart, and, sitting here at work with a mountain of those cardboard boxes you always see on legal shows piled next to me, I begin my investigation.

Here are the facts in the case: Libby’s show Wrap it Up debuted on August 15, 2016. Dr. Rosa’s pilot episode aired almost a full month later on September 9th; however, let the record show that both inaugural shows were recorded within days of each other. Also be it duly noted, not for nothing, that Libby’s second episode on August 22nd, was titled “Segment Heavy,” so I’d like to pause here to say a gigantic A-HA! (side note: Libby also does the best “a-ha”s in the biz. Please refer to WIU episode 10).

Your honor, clearly you can see that my client, Libby Phillips, is an angel upon this Earth, who doesn’t have an unkind hair in her bangs. She is innocent of all charges as evidenced by this exchange on her sixth WIU episode, “A Few Good Eggs,” with guests Danny Hatch and Emerald, the Bronx Banger, Gritty.

(We pick up the convo after Libby plays a clip from Rosa’s pilot episode, wherein Rosa mentions her scads of planned segments)

Danny: Are you upset that Rosa co-opted your word?

Libby: (enthusiastically) Oh, no no no, I love that the good word of segments is spreading.

Emerald TBBG: You seemed pretty pissed about it earlier, though. Interesting. (in reference to Libby’s hot temper earlier in the episode regarding The Big Show’s (KATG) cannibalizing her concepts of segments, Easter eggs, shout-outs, scoops and -- this is a real thing --“Psych Outs.”)

Libby: Us one-eared girls have to stick together, as I always say. I’m a big fan of Dr. Rosa, so …

Danny: I’m wondering if she even recorded that before you started your show.

Libby: No she didn’t. No. I actually know for a fact, but I am still very thrilled and the more segments the better, that’s what I always say. I’m still going to have the most segments in the game. Challenge me on that.

Danny: No, please no one challenge her.

And with that, your honor, the Defense rests!
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