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What can I say- Libby does quite a job getting the Phillip's Heads fired up. Imo, the progression of clips in this show is a microcosm of the attitudes shared by a large portion of the general electorate. The refusal to take this election seriously (until damn near the time the votes were being tallied) and the vilifying of the only qualified candidate by moderate voters paired with the outright sexism, racism, xenophobia of much of middle the southern US has got us where we are right now. Not that the "lesser of two evils" argument wasn't understandable, but I am so bothered by the fact that from day 1 Trump did nothing but prove what a sociopath he is. Why did it take reasonable people (that's you, Keith) so long to come around and voice earnest support for the person who would have promoted and protected the basic rights of American citizens?

If we were louder, more firm in our support earlier on, would we be where we are right now? Of course the blames also lies with the very real problem of sexism and racism, but I think a more unified progressive front could have changed the outcome. Maybe in all of this we'll know better?

We'll get em next time?
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