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I didn't hear the show, but I read that article. He was insulting anyone that didn't support Hillary, and ignoring problems with Clinton herself. Why?

She had issues going into the election, and just added to them. He didn't mention that she was already seen as untrustworthy, and that she assumed she had the support of Obama voters. You don't assume anything in an election. He also doesn't even consider that being under investigation while running for president was an important issue to voters.

Even if you ignore everything else, popularity is a problem. Obama, Sanders and Trump were all extremely popular with their base, while Hillary wasn't. She even admitted that she's more concerned about doing the job than being likable. That's not how you win.

It seems like Democrats don't want to even consider that she wasn't the right candidate, and I don't get it. Anyone that didn't support her is just stupid, racist or sexist. Alienating instead of understanding voters that didn't support her is a good way to make sure Democrats don't win the next election.
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