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What can I say that Apia hasn't already taken up half the Internet saying?

I'm kidding. I actually love Apia now. Right now.

Libb-o-Rama: I just left some feedback over in Danny Hatchville, reaffirming how much I adore you two. I feel like your show and Danny's this week were a part one and part two of That's The Wrap Up with Lanny. Both halves of the show were amazing in their own right, and it was a huge treat to get a double dose of you guys this week.

I'm glad to see, Libby, that your ire hasn't dampened over this Trump debacle. I thought, for a while, that maybe I should try to be understanding of the Trump voters and their feelings, but this isn't about a difference of opinion. It's as if my own family said "Let's just see what happens if we open the gate and let a monster into our backyard." First you laugh and say, "You wouldn't really do that. You're joking, of course." And then they ACTUALLY DO IT. We can't just stand back and watch the destruction that ensues, we need to take action. We're not going to just "get over it." We're going to keep fighting and keep throwing stones at the beast. Even small stones can do major damage if you gather a lot of them together. Was that profound or stupid? I don't know. Anyway, keep being awesome, Libby. It seems to come naturally to you.
"May the bridges you burn light the way."

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