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To Danny Hatch
c/o Mayor McCheese
c/o Danny Island (nee Lisbon Island)
Europe, Earth, etc.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

OK. I get it. I'm not the best critic, and I'm overly complimentary and too charitable. Welp, this is where it all ends, buckos. Get ready for some harsh criticism....

This episode was TOO good, and I laughed TOO hard.

Yeah. I'm not taking that back.

You both were really on your game in this episode. Danny was on fire, ready to go full goofball, and Libby seemed (I swear this is a really good thing) like she'd had a long day and was eager to get out of there -- which only made her reactions more funny. You two are really perfecting the act. It's time to take it on the road. Your interplay has reached perfection. This was honestly one of the best shows ever, ever.

I only regret that I didn't post this in time to necessitate a Craigment in the next episode. Cry face.
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