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Originally Posted by Piscean View Post
Version 2016.12.27
Fixes the playback speed issue! Good job!
Hot damn! That's awesome Thanks for working with me while I got that figured out.

Originally Posted by Piscean View Post
One thing I notice, which would only show up during a holiday. For the last week and a half, there have been free VIP shows in the main feed. The app doesn't show those. And if you go to the specific VIP feed, you can't download the show which is free in the main feed. (Danny's 12.22 show, for instance.)
That's a larger problem for our infrastructure. The main feed gets content from the main show and I added code that allows it to pipe in special shows, when needed.

Plus, in the holiday example, we have the VIP episodes with special bumpers that Keith and Chemda added to them. Because of those bumpers, it wouldn't make sense to make the VIP episode free because the bumper changes the content.

The app has the shows segmented and each of them follow a numbering system. It becomes harder to slip a few extra episodes into the KATG list because of that.

In the long run, I think we'll have a "specials" high-level item that appears during holiday breaks. We can have it show up first in the list and put the special shows in there.
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