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Originally Posted by AwkwardMongoose View Post
2017 is already too sad.
Originally Posted by 89vision View Post
Can't you do the show from Cambridge? Regardless of what happens, I wish you the best. I just don't want to live in a world where Donald Trump is our president and TTSWD isn't part of the KATG Network

I'm sorry, I know it wasn't the best way to break the news It will be a good thing, though! Rosa and I are putting together a podcasting setup once I move and I will be releasing something soon with regularity. I'll let people know what it is and when it is and where it is when I know all of that stuff. But it's coming! That's what she said. (Gotta cram em all in now! [That's what she said.])

Also I like how the emoticon looks like a Member Berry

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