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Originally Posted by Los View Post
If they did it right, it would have gone mostly unnoticed like previous travel bans.
I think a big part of how they've come out with the ban was to get a lot of attention. On one hand, Trump's base gets to feel like their guy is sticking to his guns, plus it adds to the general hysteria about how powerful he is - kind of a "look what I can do, no one can stop me."

The big difference between this ban and similar actions taken in the past by Bush/Obama is the brazenness of it. Past administrations have worked in contradictory ways, ie proclaiming "Islam is peace" as we bomb and harass muslim populations to little fanfare. Trump's team is saying explicitly that we are at war with Islam, and acting like it. Even if this specific action isn't a huge break from US policy, it seems to be leading us towards harsher measures that will come out of the new administration being specific about their enemy.

I think it's hard to say what the "right" way to govern is anymore. It assumes that the people in charge are operating with the same fundamental principles as administrations in the past, which they aren't. Trump isn't going to win political battles in the same model of Obama or Bush or Clinton - the way he won the presidency is by throwing out that conventional wisdom.
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