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Like a lot of other fans, I was super bummed-out yesterday, thinking there wouldn’t be a TTSWD. I’ve come to rely on hearing the show every week to help maintain my sanity. The surprise episode made me happy because a) it merely existed at all b) Rosa was on, too, and c) it was a nice long one (that's what she said ).

Danny, you already know how much I appreciate you, and how much I'll miss you, so I won’t go into all that again.

This show was a great one to end on. It was a chill convo between two smart and funny people. Smart, funny people make me feel recharged these days, because in my normal day-to-day, I’m surrounded by vapid supporters of “Dolt 45.” I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, even though Rosa referred to me as a "low bar" by which to measure the enjoyability of the show. Ha Ha. It’s OK. I laughed. She’s right. I’m really easy when it comes to this show, but I'm not an easy audience in general. There's A LOT of bad comedy out there, and a LOT of morning zoo-like podcasts, where constant giggling is supposed to pass for comedy. That's why I appreciate the KATG network in general, and TTSWD in particular. I love each and every show, even when you (Danny) think the quality is sub-par. It’s ALWAYS been great. Every time!

On the penultimate episode, you read one of my comments, and I must clarify, because I sounded like I was being a little critical. I said something like -- the first Shane Mauss Memorial Hour was pretty good, the next one I wasn’t sure about at first, but then I was on board all the way. When I said the first one was “pretty good,” I didn’t mean “meh,” I meant pretty damned good. And if I was ever unsure about you continuing with the bit, it was for maybe 1/100,000th of a second. I trust your comedy instincts, and, of course, this became one of my favorite bits.

Speaking of which, why isn't anyone talking about your brilliant character names? I’m only thinking of a few here, but they make me laugh so hard: Franklin Delano Mauss, “named after the president, but not the one you’re thinking of” ; Ron Wayne Gacy, and (perhaps my favorite) A. Dolfhitler. These are genius, I tell you.

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I goddam love you Danny.
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