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Originally Posted by Piscean View Post
I frequently see nothing from the app for a week or so, then I get 8 or 9 new show alerts all at once.
Can you please send me a message from the app about this? The email template I use in the app will include your push notification ID. I can use that ID to look at the messages that were sent to your device.

The feedback message option is in the settings tab.

Originally Posted by Piscean View Post
On Sunday I got a notice there was a show starting, so I went to the Live Show tab and watched it count down from 15 seconds or so. It got to 0. Did nothing for maybe 10 seconds, then reset the counter to 2 hours and started counting down again.
This might seem like a silly question but how long did you hang out on that screen after it got to 0? Sometimes Keith sends out the push notification before going live. You might've hit 0 and left just before the show started.
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