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Bear proposed to me twice. the first time was about a year in. we were at Santa Rosa Beach chest deep in the Gulf of Mexico; i had on a pair of kick ass pink Florida gift shop shades. we came home, decided it was a little hasty, and, frankly, that we couldn't fit it into our production schedules for a while. we kind of forgot about it from there. it was a busy couple of years.

right before Martin Luther King Jr. weekend this year, Bear was packing to work the 30A Songwriter's Festival which, as coincidence would have it, put him up on Santa Rosa Beach. he invited me to come and asked if i wanted to get married while we were down there b/c, i mean, c'mon, the romantic possibilities were there and we'd been talking about it for a while. right over the Florida state line we stopped at a Love's truck stop to get me a pink pair of shades and i changed into a purple floral dress, then we hit the Walton County court house. tuuuurns out you can't get your license signed also at the courthouse down there for some godforsaken reason, so after a little search and a few phone calls we met Jolene, a local singer/songwriter/notary public, a few days later on the front porch of Bear's favorite record shop in Seaside and she made us legal. we walked across the grass amphitheater--kids playing and being happy and shit--, grabbed a couple of killer food truck grilled cheese sandwiches and went home to tell everyone.

i wear a gold ring with a rose quartz that my Mama's had since she was little. Bear doesn't know if he wants to wear one and that's cool with me. we're pretty chill.
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Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
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Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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