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I feel like the best responsense to hatetrolls, if you're not going to block them, is to condescendingly dismiss them with something resembling babytalk.

"Naaaw, look at cute wittle TrumpIsGod69, looks like he fooled himself into thinking his adorable wittle opinion on anything matters" or "Oh, looook everybody, a biiig strooong nazi is tweeting a veerry important opinion" or words to that effect. Or just a belittling "lol", for when you don't feel like wasting more than three characters on them.

On the one hand admitting they make you cry is good from a "You are not alone" perspective with regards to others who are upset with the state of the nation, but on the other hand nothing gets these scaly little disease-riddled trolldicks harder than knowing they scored a direct hit on your feels.
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