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This episode is the closest to "triggered" I have ever felt in a long time.

I was about to type out my horrible experience with the police...

Ugh.. I just can't..

Chemda, I told you the story last year when I came to NYC.

I'm so sorry you went through this...

Is Chemda perfect? No... Are any of us on this forums? No...

Maybe take a sec to show compassion while trying to lecture somebody that was caught up in a fucked up system...?

Can we agree the system is fucked up? Can we agree it's built to make money off making people criminals for petty or sometimes no reason? Can we agree it is a system that relies on criminals staying criminals so they can keep money pumping through the prison system? YES!!


Broken window policing? Anyone heard of that??? Stop & frisk?

Should Chemda stop her petty theft streak? Yes.

Should she have paid the fare? Yes.

Did she need to get lied to on the way to jail by people in positions of power? No. Did she need to be treated like an animal once in the system? FUCK NO

Is Chemda gonna be scared everytime she sees a cop car or a person in police uniform like I am? Probably... That is fucked up, I'm sorry.. It just is....

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Meme isn't hard to find; her laugh carries 'cause she throws her head back like a gorgeous unicorn. she's also an amazing first contact. look for the fanciest bitch having the best time.

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