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A fellow trunk rider

Hearing Keith point out how insane it was that Neal's dad would put him in the trunk reminded me of my own similar experiences. Like Neal, I also had to ride in the trunk of the family car. Unlike Neal, I didn't think it was fun and it wasn't just short trips.

My grandparents had a farm 2 hours away and we'd travel there most school holidays in our beaten-up little Ford Meteor. The Meteor only had 5 seats but our family consisted of 2 adults and 4 kids and when we got too big to all fit on the back seat, one of us would have to ride in the trunk, which we call 'the boot' here in Australia.

Fumes pouring in, hitting bumps at 100kph (60mph), bouncing around, luggage hitting you left and right, all for about 2 hours at a time. And of course, the Meteor was far too noisy for anyone in the cabin to hear the thumping and screaming of a child who desperately needs to pee. I'll let you figure out the rest of that.
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