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I would like to hear some stories about sleeping on the clock.

I have some.

Once, I guess 2008 or 2009 I learned once and for all not to drink too much in professional context (wait for it) and not to drink hart stuff at all.

I was at the European Allergy convention as a member of my company, representing the company at the commercial booth.
There was a party in the evening and I let people give me vodka. I danced a lot and went much too late in my hotel. I puked into my handbag on the way there.
After one hour of sleep I had to get up and work at the convention again.

I felt extremely bad. After two hours I couldn't do it anymore. I asked my colleague/ friend to cover for me and found somewhere a room with lots of scientific charts, and slept there on two chairs for 2 hours.
Luckily my college managed to cover for me.

No more vodka for me ever. Not worth it.

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