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I was so excited to grab the album during record day at Amoeba in Berkeley. When I went to the record store & they asked which section it would be in, I said "ummm... World?" The guy looked at me & was like "let me look it up" lol. Thankfully it was berkeley & he was nice and helped me find it...

Re: Glitter - I know many drag queens use glitter to mask any makeup mistakes and make a look "glam" really quick. I'm guessing it's the same for card companies... They probably think the illustration is ok, so slap some glitter on it = bam = fun!!

Since I'm a bit of a drag queen I play with shimmer makeup a lot, but rarely use actual glitter. When I do, I think to myself: "If Chemda was here she wouldn't hug me!". Ugh, but the ruby red slipper type glitter lips are so much fun on a drag queen inspired night out!
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
Meme isn't hard to find; her laugh carries 'cause she throws her head back like a gorgeous unicorn. she's also an amazing first contact. look for the fanciest bitch having the best time.
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