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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Where the body is mostly clothed
I thought at first you were hit in the face with a belt. I'd call that violent violent. I understand now and see clearly the comma.

However, those beating you got that left marks, also violent. Many people have a tendency to down play their trauma. Most people want to avoid the drama that comes with it or my down playing the trauma they can avoid feeling like a victim. I don't want you to feel like a victim of abuse. It sounds like you are well at peace with this part of your childhood. I do think you should recognize it for what it was.

Apia, let me be perhaps the first to tell you. You were a victim of violence, not not violence. Plan old violence. If it left a mark then you where hit hard enough to cause lacerations or abrasions of the skin. I would say sever abrasions if the marks were more then red and left notable marks. Do you have any scars from this? I understand it was a different time and place, I'm not trying to vilify your guardians at the time but you are not that old and honestly a spanking on the butt with a hand is pretty violent and that doesn't leave marks. (if a "spanking" left marks I think that is not a spanking it's a beating.)
Honestly, if hitting someone with an object like a stick or a belt is not violent then what is violent, where is that line? I'd rather be burned with a lit cigarette then hit with a stick.
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