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so great

Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I talked with my parents about it and said how wrong they were. And that my kids should grow up without violence. The reactions were very different.

My father said: " we didn't hit you. You don't know what real hitting is"
My mother said : " oh we did. We didn't know what we were doing and it was wrong. " and to my father: " don't lie to yourself "

Father: " I don't remember ( how can he not remember? He doesn't want to) but if this is true that was wrong"

So we are somewhere in the grey area about it. I don't downplay it.
That is so great that you had a conversation with your parents about it. It's very possible your father has suppressed the events, especially if there were other difficult things going on at the time. It's not easy to talk about this kind of thing with anyone let alone the one who did the hitting or was in a position to intervene and didn't. Humans are certainly flawed and make mistakes sometimes. Well except Keith, as he has said many times "I don't think I've ever made a mistake." I know I've made mistakes as a parent, not the least of which was not doing more to prevent a Trump presidency.

I thought when you wrote that it was not "...extremely violent..." that you were down playing it. I read that wrong I guess. The fact that you're still alive means it was less then maximally violent. I wasn't there so if you say it was less than extremely violent I'll take you at your word. It was at least pretty violent and not not violent.
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