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bad arm

By the way, I'd take the belt to that women. I have a bad shoulder and carpel tunnel in my wrist so it would take some time to beat her to death or maybe I would be disqualified... but I'd do it. I can't imagine what that child went through just hoping she would stop but she just kept hitting and hitting screaming 'please stop', 'I'm sorry', or 'I'll do better' and she just kept hitting. How does thinking of this not send you into a rage inside? I mean not mad I mean a rage to hurt her. That poor child.

Just think the worst you have been hurt put that pain aside and realize you lived but this child didn't! How fucked up is that woman?
I would feel better if she knew what it was like to be that child under that belt. In fact I would disqualify myself, I don't think I could hit her hard enough.

Add to the death of that child the damage she has caused the parents and the rest of the family and friends of that child! Could you stay in a relationship with someone who's sister beat your child to death? If it's your sister how do you live with yourself not knowing this could happen? This story is so fucked up. Could your child stay friends with the sibling of the child that died? Maybe they can stay friends but your child never goes to their house again. And never does anything where those parents are supervising alone. The parents didn't do it but as the parent of child who is friends with a sibling of the dead child you can't trust them can you? The ripples just continue.
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