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Chemda stop kidding yourself that you can be the physically tough person. You often remind me so much of the way my brain works that I'm sure you'd over think it all and be far to empathetic to your opponent. I can accept it but I still regret how little I stood up for myself at school but I just wasn't that person. My testosterone side still bullies me for being a testicle though, reminding me of past regrets.

Whenever I've had to fight its never just been "fuck this guy lets go", it's always "but, what if, oh no, consequences".

One example - I was refereeing a casual basketball game back in high school. Someone on one of the teams didn't like my decisions apparently and hit me in the face from behind/ beside me so I didn't even see it coming. I had hated this guy for years and had dreamt of smashing his face in. As my ears are ringing and my vision is shaky, I know I have to hit him back or lose even more face but at the same time I'm aware that there is a teacher down the other end of the courts and if we get caught fighting I'll get in more trouble and what if this happens or that happens and getting punched hurts and I don't want to hurt people and oh I'm swinging now and have hit him but cant tell if it was hard or not and now somehow he's sitting down over there and I have a black eye and I should go kick him in the fucking head... Someone later told me I barely touched him.

I'd guess the Keiths of the world don't think like that and I'm jealous.

Having too much empathy sucks balls.
We made some music for trippers. On drugs it'll all make sense

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