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Originally Posted by RJ_RedneckJedi View Post
Sorry, I'm still just catching up with y'all, maybe you can help me figure this one out. Hennesy is Chemda's 'husband?'

The only conclusion I can draw from this: Chemda dated Keith & he was SO lousy in the sack, she switched over to the other team.

Have I drawn the wrong conclusion here?
Chemda's husband Hennessy is a trans man. This information is readily available from a simple google search. There was a video done by buzzfeed with literally millions of views that gives very clear and simple information on the subject.

I can only assume that you are willfully ignorant or a trolling asshole, have I drawn the wrong conclusion here?

If you have any interest in educating yourself that video good place to start.
Buzzfeed's "I'm a Guy" video
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