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Originally Posted by kaligula View Post
Or omnisexual. For the mythological Jesus. Like he'd just be into your vibe rather than your genitals.
LOL. Yes. Jesus was super sapiosexual!!!

Look. The only FUCKIN' way the Jesus myth works - is aliens. The guy was born of an immaculate conception. He had super powers. BUT THE BIGGEST THING is that dude did not have sex. Every guy reading this knows. Gay or straight. Getting laid is an absolute. Biological. Imperative. Also we know that Jewish men at that time were married young. There's no possible way Jesus was 33, no wife, no kids.



ALIENS!!! Think about it bro. What human male could hang around sex workers and apostles who would blow him at the drop of palm leaf; and he's not fucking. No. It's absurd. Dude was above normal human urges. Total alien. Or it didnt happen.

Alien half breed. Or fiction. Cuz otherwise you're telling me my man Jesus was tough enough to perform miracles but couldn't find his way out the closet.
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