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everything she said was worst than the last. i really wanted to like her and kept being like "maybe..." and then she'd say something else.
"I want to soften this," "I dont' want to say that" "I feel like your interigating me"...
you can always tell a guest is a coward by how defensive they get. if you have employment conflicts of interest say you can't talk trash about a show, show some spine!
but the handmaid's tale? WTF. best show on tv, i read the book, i listen to red all over the podcast, i'm an atwood fan, i fight for women's rights, i'm a rape survivor and this is one of the most policitcally electric shows i've ever seen. and she thinks the rape scenes are hot. ...? fuck this bitch.
worse than the tig nataro episode; at least she was TRYing to be difficult and annoying.
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