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Chemda asked if, as a person listening to the show, we could tell there were problems and for me yes. The main reason was the rapid change in discussion topics and questions that she avoided, half answered, or flat refused to talk about. Keith asking "do you want me dead?" was also a tip off.

I disagree with you all about the dumb thing though. I think there is some intelligence there (she went to barnyard after all), but she is making a conscience choice to be that shallow. We have all seen those people on reality shows, or in entertainment that discuss the entertainment community as it is the end all-beat all of discussion. You know, the ones who watched that Joan Rivers fashion show like they are curing cancer. When you tried to ask something real she would glance off the surface like a skipping stone and I think she did that by design. that is who she wants to be.

The real funny part is that she will never be accepted in "that crowd" You have to be old money rich, or a size 0, or famous for something else to get there. the best she is gonna get is to be "the funny one" in the group of vapid talking heads discussing sunglasses like they are the truth.
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