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I have a lot of things to say on this ep

please bear with all my comments
HAHAHA My ID is also expired and has been for 2 years. Oh us!

I am so happy that a poll that Chemda suggested was finally used on an episode! Superman is usually just a bit slower than the Flash, if you ignore the running through time bits, plus he's invulnerable! If you love the running through time part too much to let it go, remember you get Time Wraiths that follow you around through time and try to erase you from existence or you create alternate time lines where Wonder Woman kills kids and Bruce Wayne's mom becomes the Joker.

Keith, sounds like you had an awesome home visit! Was there a time when you weren't as accepting of your shitty relationship with your pops? When you tried to make him get you? Was there any particular event that brought you to your current understanding or was it just time and distance from him?
I ask cuz I too have a shit dad and for years and years thought I accepted his absentee shittiness and that it no longer affected me. This summer I got a new supervisor who I was butting heads with to the point the store manager told us to chill the hell out. A few weeks of angry soul searching later I realized I had transposed my anger at my dad to this manager and was having a ton teenage angst I was never able to work out. It was quite a shock.
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