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The purpose of the extra skin is to reduce friction, thus to reduce skin irritation and broken skin sites that could become wounds and get infected.

If you're dating a male Myka Fox who doesn't shower much then it's definately safer if they're circumcised. The difference isn't something to worry about with guys with passable hygiene though.

I would agree that flaccid uncut dicks could probably be less attractive that cut dicks? but that might just depend on what's normal in the country you are in. The amount of foreskin is just proportional to the full erect length at which point the skin is in flush with the shaft and should look the same as a cut dick.

On the surgery side there are several complications you can unfortunately get with circumcision. The most likely complication from circumcision is skin bridges, however on the other side many young men have to get circumcised later in life because of improper foreskin detachment (phimosis)

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