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waaaaaah I voted incorrectly. Definitely sign me up for the donkey dick

but then I'd have to be trampled to death by a heard of gay donkeys for fucking animal. So maybe I chose right.

In other news. Fuck Uhaul and Thank you two, Keith and Chemda, for teaching us how to deal with customer service. I went to Jersey on Friday and the PATH is supposed to accept Metrocards as payment. Well none of the turnstiles I went to let me in, it just continually read my card and spat it out. Cut to 12 hours of drinking later when I'm on my way back and whatever the PATH machines did fucked up my card so much it won't read at our subways here in NYC. I go to the booth troll at West 4th and tell her that PATH card readers messed up my card and I need another one. She starts on some bullshit about "I don't know where you got that card" and "Technically it's YOUR fault for using it at a PATH machine cuz now it only works there" (none of that is true. The card never started working on the PATH either and the system was BUILT to take metrocards).

But I just stand there, with a line of other sweaty drunks forming behind saying over and over "So what do we do now? I want to get home and there's $30 on this card that I would like to use."

"Well you used it in Jersey."
"OK. But we're here now. So now what?"

After pretending to take a phone call, thinking it would make me leave she finally opened the gate and let me through, saying she better not see me with that card again.

Fuck off
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