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i talked to my childhood best friend this week. she lives a couple of hours away and i hang out with her grown up besties when i visit, so they're not my loved ones or my own chosen family, but we've known and enjoyed each others' companies for almost fifteen years.

one of those lovely friends married a girl with whom childhood bestie and i went to high school. crazy fucking cunt. she liked The Beatles /way/ too much and that should have tipped us off. anyway, this lovely person shot himself in the temple. crazy cunt i guess shot herself, too, but survived with a whatever not so scary scar under her chin. after hearing the ins and outs i am convinced if she didn't pull his trigger, she certainly egged him on. i heard at the memorial service she was comparing herself to Jackie O. and sang NIN's classic "Hurt" to all his loved ones and chosen family that flew in. by all accounts, it was bizarre.
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Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
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Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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