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Keith I TOTALLY understand when you talk about how your parents refuse to answer a simple question about your ethnicity and where your ancestors come from etc. I think rational people have a hard time understanding how you can't extract info from other seemingly rational people. My mom is exactly the same way, vague and weird about answering any questions.

This morning I texted her asking her the poll question you suggested: "Hey mom, did you ever have to threaten someone on my behalf when I was growing up, adult or child, for my safety or otherwise? Just curious, part of a podcast poll. Something I could kind of imagine you doing."

This text convo spanned 15 texts over about a half hour with me asking the question four different ways and getting answers like "I'm sure your stepdad wouldn't have. You have to be careful." And "I don't remember, everything before breakfast is a blur." THIS IS MY WHOLE LIFE and why I know only what I specifically remember. So frustrating.
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