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Originally Posted by Eric M View Post
Hennessy has been very cool and chill about pronouns in the past so it seemed to me Chemda was getting a bit overly sensitive about the review on his behalf.. especially because you know it was written with the best of intentions. He doesn't know you.. I mean, if there was no conversation about gender (and why would there be) you know people are just going to go with what they see.

He has had a very good attitude about it in the past and I think that is so important if your goal is to inform and get people on your side. There's a whole massive population of center thinking people who you will lose from your side the moment you get overly sensitive.
Wasn't the guy who wrote the review a listener of the show? In that case there's really no excuse for it.

I realize people are very sensitive about things nowadays, but there's a limit to how long you can pretend to not get it or be ignorant. If this was the first few times Hennessy explained his situation to us, I'd have a different opinion. But it's not. If the reviewer didn't know about Hennessy being a man, then..well...the review sucks but it's not really their fault.

Side note: some people specifically want a man or a woman to watch their animals. Hopefully there's a way to specify that in the app, or I suppose Hennessy could explain the discrepancy in person between the review and that he's actually a "he," if needed.

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