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I’d like to echo Chemda’s final comments about this being Keith’s view of things. I have my own view of how everything ended up here (but no show ).

A few things to clear up from this episode:

1. I told Michael and Marisela after MNIK episode came out as I did not want them hearing on the show. I work with M&M and I would rather they find out by me saying than through the show. I also told Keith I would be telling them before I did, so he knew ahead of time.

2. On a Skype call with my mum had guessed something was wrong, even after I tried to lie and pretend everything was fine. Once I told her what was going on she had texted Keith shortly after, which didn’t give me a chance to tell him that I’d told her. (Grrr mum)

3. The Instagram thing. This was around 2 weeks after the MNIK episode came out at which point I felt I could tell people in my way. I don’t have a podcast to go into everything in detail so I did it in a silly dumb way because I don't know how to do this (this is my first marriage separation). I should have told Keith before or when I did it, however, I felt that once you put out a show to the public it’s my prerogative on how I let people know.

4. Keith never brought up the personality tests to me after he did them. It wasn’t some sort of torture method, he maybe did 3-4 different ones over the 7+ years we were together and I asked him to do it so I could understand him better. I had no idea he was bothered about not getting a “report” back.

Last note, this has been a rough and sad time for both of us, every story has two sides and we’re doing our best to respect each other through this. I care and love Keith very much and am committed to ensuring we both get through this.
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